our method
we design through bim
visual design
visual communication as a fundamental tool of design and of productive and economic process
any detail is important | quality of a space is the very definitive indicator of value
we design quality spaces enclosed in worth envelopes

method, first of all...

a project of any kind is always a unique event, generated by converging energies and pulsations sometimes conflicting,  the result of the cooperation of different actors, a product which is often difficult to fully assess before its final definition and which is characterized by a certain degree of complexity | our goal is to meet and exceed those expectations that  normally are created on a project, acting as a main objective to create real value for the client | if creating value may have an economic, functional , environmental, emotional , psychological or linked to the use nature, in our work we tend to bring all these factors together, since it is our belief that value is consisting in deep assessment of the economy of the product, understood not in purely financial or monetary meaning, but as the science that studies the production of goods and services and which bases its judgment on a deep cost/benefit valuation, including between the costs and the benefits all those factors affecting the quality of life of users, environment,  both real and perceived qualitative criteria
il nostro modello operativo
our operational model

dialogue, comprehension, empathy...

any good thing starts first of all from dialogue, from comprehension and from the empathy that is established between subjects talking together | tackle a project means mainly the ability of the designer to listen, understand, interpret and share the identification of needs and desires of the client, may it a public authority, a private or a company | our first task is to mediate expressed needs and wishes that are behind the generation of a project with the several inherent complexities that a project involves, technical, legislative, social, cultural or generically economic complexities, in order to rationalize needs and direct the customer towards a concrete realization of its objectives | at the initial stage of the process we offer a guide to service in order to make it clear to the customer how, how much and according to which operative strategy our work will be able to give him back value

constant and continuous communication

or all the time during which we develop our work and even later we consider our client as a partner, we constantly keep him informed about the progress of work, about any changes and unexpected  events that should occur, about the deadlines and budget meeting, ensuring a constant reassurance | one of our operative model key-points  is the care and attention to customer experience, in virtue of which we want the collaboration experience with us to be fulfilling,  from any point of view, since the first stages on until realization | it is our interest, but also mutual interest, that the relationship established between us and our clients last even after the conclusion of our work and that’s why we carefully consider views and opinions, which we seriously valuate in order to improve our offer


the three areas of expertise we are dealing, architecture, design&interior, visual design, regularly interact with each other in order to offer a product which is characterized by high quality and completeness | with twenty years of experience in designing various kinds of buildings and spaces, with a specific focus in the fileds of residential, retail and urban design, and with skills and methodologies developed through our activity, we deal with design at all stages, from concept and feasibility studies up to application and construction drawings | our expertise in the fields of design&interiors and specifically on reatil&luxury, the care and attention to detail, the constant research about products and materials, our tested skills in designing customized elements and managing their realization, our constant interest in latest trends are a fundamental tool to characterize the quality of the internal spaces that we realize; videos and images are a fundamental presentation and sale instrument, both for designers and for developers and companies; our know-how, our organizational structure and our technical equipment allow us to offer this kind of services even to firms and companies| the integration between our three business sectors , supported by well-established procedures, is one of the cornerstones of our value proposition

network and project management

processing a projects requires the involvement of different subjects and skills; information coming from different actors of the process of definition of a project need co-ordination, a kind of direction whose aim is to ensure by one side completeness of information and  a correct flow in communication from and to any disciplinary sector, by the other side to ensure  the congruency of all data with the expected results; all the above leads to the necessity for the designer to count on a net of consultants, providers and  manufacturing companies to collaborate with and whence to draw any information needed to develop a project, as well as the necessity of an activity of management of information | we constantly take care of our network in order to ensure to our work the provision of different skills and professionalism, setting up our operativity on a constant comparison and collaboration | we can count on the collaboration of high level professionals in the fields of structures, MEP systems, rules&regulations, in fileds connected to environmental sustainability and energy saving, design and visual arts, as weel as on several consultants coming from manifacturing companies of material and products | we usually follow the realization of our works up to completion, playing in most of cases the role of project management and then of management of the several resources involved


the BIM (Building information modelling) which is defined by somebody a new designing “philosophy”, is simply a new generation method for the elaboration of projects based on the use of software which allows but it would be more correct to say impose, to face the design of a building starting from its 3d modelling for then obtaining from it any graphic, numeric and performance information usually necessary for a complete documentation of the project; in few words, through the BIM methodology it is possible to realize a tri-dimensional model of the real building which represents a real database of the designed object, a sort of digital alter ego of the real building able to contain and coordinate multi-disciplinary information, such as structural engineering, plants, energy balance | the BIM no doubt represents a revolution compared to previous computer aided design, and it is quickly becoming the quality standard for projects production | a meaningful peculiarity of this innovation is that for working in BIM modality it is strictly necessary to be able to build: the building digital model must necessarily be congruent in any part and the designer must have a clear idea of its operation; project documents can no longer be minimally incongruent with each other since they are automatically generated starting from the same model, so any errors will be needs evident; the most significant point of all this is that the BIM method is strictly for professionals and requires competence: improvisations are not allowed